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The Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center

The Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center was jointly established by IOP CAS and Liyang government in August 2018 near the Tianmu Lake of Liyang City.

Tianmu Lake of Liyang City

The center aims at the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the research and development of cutting-edge technologies.

Buildings planning and distribution

International Academic Exchange Center

The center has 3 functions, that is, technology incubator and industrial base, academic exchange and conference center, and science popularization.

The center is a limited liability company, operated by an enterprise legal person. IOP CAS has 80% shares of the company, and Liyang government and 20%.

Scope of business:

  • Physics application technology research and development
  • Technical services and consultation
  • Talents introduction and training
  • Professional training and academic exchange activities planning
  • Conference services
  • Industrial investment

Areas of concentration:

  • clean energy
  • high-end equipment
  • advanced materials
  • precision measurement
  • information science and life science