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GU Changzhi, Deputy Director

GU Changzhi, Deputy Director
Prof. Dr. Gu Changzhi, received his Ph.D. degree in condensed matter physics from Jilin University in 1997. In 2001, he moved to the Institute of Physics (IOP), CAS. He has been a professor in condensed matter physics at IOP since 2001. Now, he is the deputy director of IOP.

His research focused on the synthesis and property of wide-band gap thin films, artificial structures and devices in sub-micro and nanometer scale. In this field, he published about 300 papers in international famous Journals, such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communication, PRL, JACS, Nano Lett., Advanced Materials, etc. These papers were cited more than 6000 times. 38 patents were authorized. He also gave about 35 invited talks in international conferences. In 2007, he was awarded the "Hugangfu Prize" by Chinese Physical Society. In 2018, he was awarded the "Scientist Award" by the International Association of Advanced Materials, and the Royal Academy of Engineering's Distinguished Visiting Fellowships.

The main achievements include: 1) controlled synthesis of wide-band gap nanomaterials, for example, the semiconducting BN nanotubes were obtained via F-doping, the diamond nanocone arrays and nanodiamond films with controlled nanostructures were realized via ion etching; 2) the studies of unique physical properties of nanomaterials at room temperature, for example, we observed the multi-channel ballistic transport in MWCNTs and other quantum effects in nanomaterials; 3) The fabrication of nanodevices based on the unique properties of nanomaterilas, for example, an all metallic magnetic logical gate was fabricated by nanocontact structures of invar alloy.

Institute of Physics
Chinese Academy of sciences
P.O.Box 603
Beijing, 100190, China

Selected Recent Publications

  1. S. Yang, Z. Liu, S. Hu, A. Jin, H. Yang, S. Zhang, J. Li, C. Gu
    Spin-Selective Transmission in Chiral Folded Metasurfaces
    Nano Lett., 19(2019) 3432
  2. Z. Liu, A. Cui, J. Li, C. Gu
    Folding 2D Structures into 3D Configurations at the Micro/ Nanoscale: Principles, Techniques, and Applications
    Adv. Mater., 31(2019) 1802211(2019)
  3. S. Yang, Z. Liu, L Jin, W. Li, S Zhang, J. Li, C. Gu
    Surface Plasmon Polariton Mediated Multiple Toroidal Resonances in 3D Folding Metamaterials
    ACS Photonics, 4(2017) 2650
  4. Z. Liu, S. Du, A. Cui, Z. Li, S. Chen, W. Li, J. Li, C. Gu, et al.
    High-Quality-Factor Mid-Infrared Toroidal Excitation in Folded 3D Metamaterials
    Adv. Mater., 29 (2017) 1606298
  5. Shengyan Yang, Zhe Liu, Xiaoxiang Xia, Yiwen E, Chengchun Tang, Yujin Wang, Junjie Li,
    Li Wang, Changzhi Gu
    Excitation of ultrasharp trapped-mode resonances in mirror-symmetric metamaterials
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 93(2016) 235407
  6. Ajuan Cui1, Zhe Liu1, Jiafang Li1, TiehanHShen, Xiaoxiang Xia, Zhiyuan Li, Zhijie Gong, Hongqiang Li, Benli Wang, Junjie Li, Haifang Yang, Wuxia Li, Changzhi Gu
    Directly patterned substrate-free plasmonic ‘‘nanograter’’ structures with unusual Fano resonances
    Light: Science & Applications 4 (2015) e308
  7. Liu, Dingxin; Gu, Jiajun; Liu, Qinglei; Gu, Changzhi; et al
    Metal-Organic Frameworks Reactivate Deceased Diatoms to be Efficient CO2 Absorbents
    ADVANCED MATERIALS  26(2014)1229
  8. Yao, Y ; Li, C; Huo, ZL ; Liu, M ; Zhu, CX; Gu, CZ; Duan, XF; Wang, YG ; Gu, L; Yu, RC
    In situ electron holography study of charge distribution in high-kappa charge-trapping memory
  9. Li, BH ; Sanders, CE; McIlhargey, J; Cheng, F; Gu, CZ; Zhang, GH ; Wu, KH; Kim, J; Mousavi, SH; Khanikaev, AB; Lu, YJ ; Gwo, S; Shvets, G; Shih, CK; Qiu, XG
    Contrast between Surface Plasmon Polariton-Mediated Extraordinary Optical Transmission Behavior in Epitaxial and Polycrystalline Ag Films in the Mid- and Far-Infrared Regimes
    NANO LETTERS  12(2012) 6187 
  10. Long, YZ; Yu, M; Sun, B; Gu, CZ; Fan, ZY
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    CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS  41(2012)456013
  11. Long, YZ; Li, MM; Gu, CZ; Wan, MX; Duvail, JL; Liu, ZW; Fan, ZY
    Recent advances in synthesis, physical properties and applications of conducting polymer nanotubes and nanofibers
  12. Liu, L; Zhang, YL; Wang, WL; Gu, CZ; Bai, XD; Wang, EG
    Nanosphere Lithography for the Fabrication of Ultranarrow Graphene Nanoribbons and On- Chip Bandgap Tuning of Graphene
    ADVANCED MATERIALS  23(2011)124616
  13. Liu, Z; Zheng, KH; Hu, LJ; Liu, J; Qiu, CY; Zhou, HQ; Huang, HB; Yang, HF; Li, M; Gu,CZ; Xie, SS; Qiao, LJ; Sun, LF
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    ADVANCED MATERIALS  22(2010)99917
  14. Zhou, HQ; Qiu, CY ; Liu, Z; Yang, HC; Hu, LJ; Liu, J ; Yang, HF ; Gu, CZ; Sun, LF
    Thickness-Dependent Morphologies of Gold on N-Layer Graphenes
  15. Fu, WY; Xu, Z; Bai, XD; Gu, CZ ; Wang, EG
    Intrinsic Memory Function of Carbon Nanotube-based Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistor
    NANO LETTERS  9(2009)92121
  16. H. X. Yang, L. F. Xu, Z. Fang, and C. Z. Gu
    Bond-Counting Rule for Carbon and its Application to the Roughness of Diamond (001)
    Physical Review Letters 100 (2008) 02610122
  17. P. Xu, K. Xia, C. Z. Gu, L. Tang, H. F. Yang, J. J. LI
    An all-metallic logic gate based on current-driven domain wall motion
    Nature Nanotechnology 3 (2008)97-10023
  18. Z. X. Zhang, L. F. Sun, Y. C. Zhao, C.Z. Gu et al.
    ZnO Tetrapods Designed as Multiterminal Sensors to Distinguish False Responses and Increase Sensitivity
    Nano Letters 8(2008) 652
  19. X. J. Wang, J. F. Tian, T. Z. Yang, C. Z. Gu
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