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Membership Program for Institute of Physics Center for International Collaboration (IOPCIC)

The objective of this membership program is to provide young international scientists opportunities to experience the rapid research development in the field of physics in mainland China and develop stable partnership and collaboration with local researchers and groups. 

Outstanding young international scientists, in particular tenure-track assistant professors, associate or full professors, and post-doctors with significant research achievements, are eligible for the program, which hosts both long-term and short-term members. Long-term members are expected to visit Institute of Physics,CAS on a regular basis, while short-term members are welcome to visit IOP temporarily.


  • The Executive Committee of IOPCIC reviews candidates recommended by local researchers and research groups, and appoints members for the program. (Currently, IOPCIC has appointed 20 long-term members from universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Princeton University, University of Michigan, UC San Diego, University of Singapore, UC Santa Barbara, National University of Kentucky, State University New York, Rice University, and College of William and Mary Williamsburg etc.)
  • Long-term members are expected to stay more than nine weeks for a period of three years at IOP with a possibility to renew their membership three years later subject to mutual interests.
  • IOPCIC provides to the members a travel allowance of RMB15K per year and a living allowance of RMB 32K per month, and other necessary support related to their research activities.
  • Together with local hosts, members of the program are expected to actively initiate research activities and collaborations, including giving seminars and lectures, organizing discussion forums or small workshops based on their research experiences and interests.
Peak Forum of Frontier Research
IOPCIC supports the organization of three to four peak forums annually in a variety of research frontiers. Members of IOPCIC are expected to take an active role in proposing and organizing these forum series.

Members of Executive Committee: Yu-Peng Wang (Chair / Director of IOP), Xi Dai, Xing-jiang Zhou, Yong-qing Li, Xing-hua Lu, Hong-xing Xu, Zhi-yuan Li, Hong Li
The Executive Committee of IOPCIC convenes once a year to select members, discuss program implementation and forum organization.
Members of Advisory Committee: Zi-qiang Wang (Boston College), Jason Ho (Ohio State University), Matthias Troy (ETH Zurich)
Coordinators for IOPCIC: Xi Dai

Qi Fu
IOPCIC Secretary
P.O. Box 603, Beijing 100190, China
Tel: (+86)-10-82649469
Fax: (+86)-10-82649218
Email: fuqi@iphy.ac.cn

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