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Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory Starts Construction

Date:17-06-2019 Print

The ground-breaking ceremony of the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory was held in Songshan Lake on the morning of June 17.

The Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory (the Lab) is a provincial laboratory built by the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in partnership with Dongguan government and the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), CAS, with an overall planned area of 1,200 mu and a total budget of about RMB 12 billion. In the first phase of the construction from the year 2019-2020, the investment is about RMB 5 billion and the planned area is about 391.1 mu. The Lab is expected to become the base for new materials research and development in southern China with international influence, an integral part of China's matter science research in the future, a new platform for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao interdisciplinary cooperation, and a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao scientific research center with international brand effect.

The ceremony was attended by CAS Academician Wang Enge, chairman of the Board of the Lab, CAS Academician Zhao Zhongxian, director of Academic Committee of the Lab, CAS Academician Wang Weihua, director of the Lab, CAS Academician Gu Binglin, former president of Tsinghua University, Lu Jian, fellow of the National Academy of Technologies of France and vice-president of City University of Hong Kong, Vivian Wing-Wah Yam, professor of the University of Hong Kong, foreign associate of the United States National Academy of Sciences and founding member of the Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong, Wang Ruijun, director of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, Li Guangping, researcher of the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Liang Weidong, secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal People's Congress, and Xiao Yafei, deputy secretary of Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Dongguan City.

Ouyang Nanjiang, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Administrative Committee of Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, introduced the overall plan of the Neutron Science City. Gao Bo, general manager of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, Mayor Xiao Yafei and Director Wang Ruijun delivered speeches, respectively, and agreed that the kick-off of the project is another milestone in the construction of the Lab, which is of great significance in promoting the basic research, scientific and technological innovation, and industrial transformation and upgrading of Dongguan City.

On behalf of the Lab, Chairman of the Board Wang Enge delivered a speech and expressed gratitude to the experts, leaders and guests present at the ceremony. He said that the Lab had successfully fulfilled the target early this year to break ground in June. This reflects the great importance attached by the party committee, the government, the department of science and technology and the development and reform commission of Guangdong Province as well as the party committee and government of Dongguan City. It also marks the strong support and cooperation provided by the functional departments of Dongguan City and the party committee and government of Dalang Town. During their visit to the Lab, Li Xi, secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology, and Huang Ningsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, expressed their expectations for the Lab to fully engage in the construction of a comprehensive national science center and contribute to the innovation-driven development of Guangdong Province. Taking the ground-breaking as a new starting point, the Lab will focus on original and innovative research, achieve self-reliance and independent innovation, and spare no effort to create a full-chain research model covering frontier basic research, applied basic research, industrial technology research and industrial transformation, making greater contribution to the high-quality development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Dongguan City. In the near future, the Lab will certainly become an iconic project in the construction of the Greater Bay Area as an international science and technology innovation center with global influence.

The ground-breaking ceremony of the Lab marks a new stage of IOP’s strategic layout of "One Village and Three Lakes" (the IOP headquarters in Zhongguancun for basic research, One Facility & Two Centers near Yanqi Lake, Huairou District of Beijing, the neutron application and materials science center near Songshan Lake in Dongguan City, and the science commercialization and academic exchange center near Tianmu Lake, Liyang City).

Scene of the ground-breaking ceremony

Chairman of the Board Wang Enge delivers a speech

Launching of the construction

Rendering of phase I of the project

Materials Museum of the Lab

Model Factory for Innovation of the Lab

South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center