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The first International Conference on Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Correlated Quantum Materials (USCQM-2019)

Date:25-07-2019 Print

The first International Conference on Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Correlated Quantum Materials (USCQM-2019), jointly organized by the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOP, CAS) and Peking University, and supported by the Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center, was held in Liyang, Jiangsu Province from July 15 to July 17. More than 40 experts and scholars from 8 countries including China, the United States, Germany, Italy and Slovenia gathered together to discuss cutting-edge issues and the latest accomplishments related to the ultrafast spectroscopy of correlated quantum materials.

Co-chaired by Professor Zhao Jimin of IOP CAS and Professor Wang Nanlin of Peking University,  the conference has 31 half-hour invited talks and various free discussions, providing an international platform for academic exchanges in "ultrafast time resolution" and "strongly correlated physics". Among the invited talks, 23 were delivered by world renowned experts from Europe, the United States and Japan. The conference, involving both experiments and theories, addressed four cutting-edge issues: (1) Laser-induced novel quantum states; (2) Ultrafast dynamics of superconductors and related materials; (3) Novel methods of time-resolved ultrafast spectroscopy; (4) Bosonic collective excitations and complex interactions. Scientists from 26 world renowned universities and research institutions, including IOP CAS, Peking University, Max Planck Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and University of Chicago, expressed their views and shared their latest cutting-edge research results. The conference, during which participants gave excellent talks and joined in heated discussions on a wide spectrum of topics, was widely praised by Chinese and foreign experts.

This conference has significantly improved China's international image as a major player in the studies of ultrafast spectroscopy of correlated quantum materials and nurtured China's capacity in the research area. The international participating colleagues hope that USCQM conferences would continue to be held, and would contribute to the development of this particular field on the international level and become an international benchmark conference of the field.