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Tunable structures in an electrically driven oil-in-oil system

Date: 2018-06-05
Time: 15:30
Venue: 中科院物理所D楼210会议室
Speaker: Prof. Anand Yethiraj

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Self-assembly close to equilibrium is very well studied. Yet, many challenges remain in achieving controllable microscale structures. Increasingly it is realized that driven systems that are from from equilibrium, while far more difficult to have an intuition for, might yield surprises in the control of structures. In a series of experiments, we have explored in depth a simple oil-in-oil emulsion where an external electric field can drive a rich variety of tunabilty, i.e., frequency-controlled hydrodynamics, that yields different dynamical regimes and structures, all controlled by super-diffusive motions in the underlying fluid.

Anand Yethiraj received his PhD degree at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada in 1999. He received the International Liquid Crystal Society's Glenn Brown Award for his PhD thesis. Later he was a postdoctoral fellow at the FOM Institute AMOLF (Amsterdam), at Utrecht University and at the University of British Columbia. Since 2005, he has been at Memorial University in St. John's, Canada, where he is currently a Professor. He received the Presidents Award for Outstanding Research (2008). His current research combines microscopy, NMR and rheology to study colloidal self-assembly and macromolecular dynamics and to develop robust self-assembly techniques for patterned nanoscale and microscale materials.

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