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Magnetism and Superconductivity on Depleted Lattices

Date: 2019-01-30
Time: 10:30
Venue: M830
Speaker: Richard Scalettar

Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis

Abstract: Understanding magnetic and pairing order in several interesting classes of materials involves the geometry formed by regular depletion of sites from a square lattice. The CuO$_2$ sheets of cuprate superconductors form a "Lieb" lattice where 1/4 of the sites of a square lattice are absent. Similarly the vanadium atoms of CaV$4$O$9$ and the Ni atoms in La$_4$Ni$_3$O$_8$ involve 1/5 and 1/3 depletion, respectively. In this talk I will describe the band structures which arise in the noninteracting limit and then use Quantum Monte Carlo to understand the effects of strong correlation.

Host: Zi Yang Meng (9331)