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Superconductivity, strong correlation and novel band topology in magic angle bilayer graphene

Date: 2020-10-16
Time: 15:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Xiaobo Lu

ETH Zurich


When twisted a relatively small orientation angle, bilayer graphene has superlattice minibands that have emerged as a rich and highly tunable source of quantum phases, notably the appearance of superconductivity close to interaction-induced insulating states and novel band topology. In this talk, I will discuss our recent transport study on twisted bilayer graphene (tBLG). We succeeded in observing a large variety of previously unobserved states, including a full sequence of correlated states with novel topological textures, new superconducting domes and orbital magnets in the first magic angle (~1.1°) tBLG. I will also discuss the multiple flat bands and underlying fragile topology we recently observed in tBLG near the second magic angle (~0.5°).


X. Lu et al, Nature 574, 653 (2019)

P. Stepanov et al, Nature 583, 375 (2020)

X. Lu et al, arXiv:2006.13963 (2020)

I. Das et al, arXiv:2007.13390 (2020)

Brief CV of Dr. Xiaobo Lu: 

Dr. Xiaobo Lu received his Ph.D degree in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Guangyu Zhang at Institute of Physics, CAS. Before joining ETH Zurich as a postdoc, he has three-year postdoc experience at ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences. His research interests focus on the quantum transport/photonics study of low dimensional quantum materials (graphene, TMD etc.).

卢晓波, 苏黎世联邦理工学院(ETH Zurich)物理系博士后,目前从事低维材料量子光学研究。先后在山东大学物理系(2008-2012)和中科院物理所(2012-2017, 导师 张广宇研究员)获得学士学位和博士学位。毕业之后赴西班牙光子科学研究所(ICFO) 进行首期博士后研究 (2017-2020),研究方向为石墨烯等低维材料的量子输运。相关结果整理发表论文30余篇 (包括Nature×2 , Nat. Phys. ×3, Nat. Nanotech. ×1, PRL×3, Nat. Commun. ×2, Adv. Mater. ×2, Nano Lett. ×4 etc.), 被引用1600余次。

Contact: Shujuan Cui (崔书娟)


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