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Exploration of Rare-earth frustrated quantum magnets and field-induced quantum phase transition

Date: 2022-01-05
Time: 10:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: 田召明 教授


报告摘要:Rare-earth (RE) based frustrated quantum magnets as typical systems combining strong spin-orbit coupling, geometric frustration and anisotropic exchange interaction, can give rise to diverse exotic magnetic ground states. The discovery of new RE-based frustrated quantum materials plays critical role for exploring the exotic magnetic phases. Herein, we report our discovery, single-crystal growth and magnetic properties on three families of RE-based frustrated magnets with triangular, Kagome and Sharstry-sutherland lattices, the exotic quantum spin liquid states are proposed. We will also discuss the high magnetic field induced quantum phase transition in two branches of RE-based iridates including pyrochlore R2Ir2O7(R=Nd,Eu) and double perovskite RE2BIrO6 (RE=Pr-Gd;B=Zn,Mg), and emphasize the crucial role of 4f-Ir exchange interaction in mediating their magnetic ground states.

报告人简介:田召明 教授,2008年华中科技大学物理学院博士毕业,留校任教。2014.03-2017.04年东京大学物性研究所JSPS博士后、东京大学特任研究员。研究方向为:量子磁性新材料探索和物性、手性磁体的反常霍尔效应、强磁场下量子材料的物性。主要工作为:研发了系列稀土自旋阻挫材料,发现了烧绿石铱氧化物强磁场下的绝缘体金属态量子相变,实现手性磁体中室温的巨大拓扑反常霍尔效应;相关研究工作发表在 Nat. Phys, Nat. Comm, Phys Rev B/Mater Inorganic Chem等期刊。


    杨 翠(010-81259009)


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