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·Discovery of Majorana Bound State in Fe-based superconductor     (2018.08.17)
·Superconductivity above 10 K in a novel quasi-one-dimensional compound     (2018.08.14)
·Scientists Reveal Structural Dynamics and Microstructure Features in Quantum Hidden States of 2D-CDW Materials     (2018.07.26)
·Finding new pairing mechanism for heavy fermion superconductivity     (2018.07.10)
·Scientists produced ultrahigh-charge relativistic electron beams in laser-solid interaction     (2018.07.10)
·Nano-Kirigami: A Nanoscale “Paper-cut” Developed For 3D Intelligent Nanofabrication     (2018.07.09)
·Charge-Carrier Dynamics Determine Perovskite Photovoltaics     (2018.04.28)
·Universal Scaling of Intrinsic Resistivity in Two-Dimensional Metallic Borophene     (2018.03.30)
·Magnon Valve Effect Between Two Magnetic Insulators     (2018.03.19)
·Topological Superconductivity Discovered on Surface of an Iron-based Superconductor     (2018.03.19)
·Unified phase diagram for iron-based superconductors     (2017.11.22)
·Metallic Glass Skin: New Flexible Strain Srnsor Driving E-skin’s Practical Applications     (2017.10.12)
·New method developed to construct intrinsically patterned two-dimensional materials for selective functionalization     (2017.07.12)
·Optimal targeting of cells     (2017.06.27)
·High-performance and compact-designed flexible thermoelectric modules enabled by a reticulate carbon nanotube architecture     (2017.06.26)
·Electronic evidence of temperature-induced Lifshitz transition and topological nature in ZrTe5     (2017.06.23)
·Multiple channels of relaxation in glasses     (2017.06.05)
·Interlayer-State-Coupling Dependent Ultrafast Charge Transfer in MoS2/WS2 Bilayers     (2017.05.16)
·Synaptic transistor implemented using quasi-2D molybdenum oxide     (2017.05.16)
·Inverse Edelstein effect Observed in Rashba-split 2DEG at complex oxide interfaces at room temperature     (2017.04.12)
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