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Address from the Director

The Institute of Physics (IOP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has a long and glorious history in physics research since its origin in 1928. A great number of outstanding scientists and engineers have worked or been trained in IOP, while many distinguished contributions have been made in both fundamental and applied physics, including condensed matter physics, optics, atomic & molecular physics, plasma physics, theoretical & computational physics. To mention a few present-day examples: the discovery/characterization of novel superconductors, the breakthroughs in the areas of topological insulators/semimetals, bulk metallic glasses, and energy storage, etc. All these have established IOP as a world-leading organization in physics research.

IOP has a vital research team with most scientists under the age of 45. Focusing on frontier research, and ambitious for development, IOP has nurtured an open, dynamic, active, and exciting academic environment. Now, it becomes ever more inviting with a new IOP campus opening in the core area of Huai-Rou Science City.

This website provides an overview of IOP's history, staff, research fields, achievements, international cooperation, and industrial developments, as well as its research environment. To help make IOP a greater and the world first-class physics center for excellent research, I strongly encourage and warmly welcome you to join us.

Zhong Fang
Institute of Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
February, 2023