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Center for Clean Energy

The Center for Clean Energy focuses on energy storage, energy conversion and efficient energy utilization. The advanced facilities and equipment in the Center can help realize accurate analyses of structures, compositions, and physicochemical properties from atomic to macroscopic dimensions, and conduct high-resolution ex situ and in situ testing of key materials, devices, and systems in clean energy technologies under the protection of an inert atmosphere; carry out systematic non-destructive diagnosis, failure analysis, test and verification of important clean energy materials and devices that are currently being developed and applied; engage in forward-looking research and development of clean energy technologies with significant application prospects in the future. The Center is able to greatly improve the research and development level of clean energy materials and devices in China, promote the birth of original and transformative technologies of clean energy, and accelerate the transfer and transformation of achievements.

The Center covers an area of about 44 mu, with a building area of 30,000 square meters. It is now open to users from home and abroad.

Center for Clean Energy (CCE), Huairou Science City, Beijing

Preferred fields of research:

  • Tests and analysis of chemical energy storage
  • Devices development of chemical energy storage
  • Failure analysis of chemical energy storage
  • Safety analysis of chemical energy storage
  • Devices development of new chemical energy storage
  • Test and analysis of Solar cell
  • Test and analysis of solid state lighting
  • Division for synchronous radiation technology for clean energy
  • Clean energy research center