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    In fundamental research IOP has made many important breakthroughs, such as “Discovery of superconductivity in Iron-and Nickel-based oxypnictides in 2008 ”, “Discovery of oxide superconductors at liquid nitrogen temperatures”, “Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic alloys using low purity materials, Studies on Fabrication, Structure and Properties of Aligned Carbon nanotubes, Atomic-scale study of growth mechanism of thin-film and nanostructures: theory and experiment ”,and Generation and transport of fast electrons in ultra-intense laser interaction with plasmas”.

In the field of applied physics, 420 patents have been authorized since 1998, some of which have been successfully commercialized, in particular the lithium ion battery, LED-related techniques, and a core composite film for magnetic/nonmagnetic/magnetic multilayer thin films and its usage. Since 1978, IOP members have won more than 300 awards, including 5 physics awards of the Third World Academy of Sciences, 15 National Prizes for Natural Science, 5 National Invention Prizes, and 11 National Natural Science & Technology progress Prizes.

Several selected works:

           Iron-based superconductors

 Carbon nano-cones

 Stressed-out phyllotactic patterns

 Amorphous Materials

 C-labled synthetic graphite and wrinkles

 (tBu)4ZnPc molecular rotors and self-assembly on Au(111) surface


          Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science

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