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International Projects
Supported By Project Name (in English ) Project Name (in Chinese ) Country/Region Amount (RMB) Project Duration
MOST High pressure synthesis and novel physical properties of correlated quantum materials with strong spin-orbital coupling 强自旋-轨道耦合关联量子材料的高压制备与新奇物性研究 Japan 3,080,000 2019-08/2022-07
NSFC Tunable two-dimensional electron liquid at the heterointerface between two oxide insulators 氧化物异质界面二维电子液体的光电协同调控 Denmark 2,500,000 2016-01/2020-12
NSFC China-UK Jiont Research on Laser-driven Ion Acceleration and Novel Terahertz Radiation 强激光驱动的离子加速和大能量太赫兹辐射 UK 2,700,000 2016-01/2020-12
NSFC Fabrication and Study of Quantum Well Resonant Tunneling Magnetoresistance in Double Barrier Magntic Tunnel Junction and Related Devices 双势垒磁性隧道结的制备及其量子阱共振隧穿磁电阻效应与器件原理研究 France 2,430,000 2017-01/2021-12
NSFC Exploring the chemical and physical properties of the hybrid perovskite grain boundaries for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells 基于晶界调控的高效、稳定钙钛矿太阳能电池 Israel 2,000,000 2017-10/2020-09
NSFC Realization of Quantum Spin Hall Effects and Devices Based on Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators 实现基于二维拓扑绝缘体的量子自旋霍尔效应和相关器件 Singapore 2,000,000 2018-01/2020-12
NSFC Exploration of Heteroaromatic and Antiaromatic Atomically Precise Nanographenes (EnhanceNano) 异质(反)芳香性纳米石墨烯的原子级精准构造、结构与物性研究 Germany 1,800,000 2018-01/2020-12
NSFC Two dimension transition metal dichalcogenide based photodetectors and quantum effect devices 基于过渡金属硫族化合物的光电探测和量子器件的研究 Pakistan 2,000,000 2018-01/2020-12
NSFC Fabrication, characterization and magnetotransport study of Ferromagnetic Hybrid Nanostructures 铁磁复合纳米结构的制备、表征和磁电输运性质研究 Pakistan 2,000,000 2018-01/2020-12
NSFC Designing super selective cell targeting   Slovenia 400,000 2019-01/2020-12
NSFC THz Vibration-Rotation-Tunneling Spectroscopy of H2O and D2O Hexamer near 500 cm-1   UK 400,000 2019-01/2020-12
NSFC Sustainable Processing of Energy Materials from Waste (ENERGISE) 可持续处理废弃物制备能源材料 UK 3,000,000 2019-01/2021-12
NSFC High Pressure New Quantum Emergent Materials & Tuning 高压量子演生新材料及调控 USA 2,450,000 2019-01/2023-12
NSFC Controllable Preparation and Electrical Property Study of Wafer-scale Aligned High-Purity Single-Chirality Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Films 晶圆级高纯单一手性半导体碳纳米管取向薄膜可控制备及其电学性质研究 Japan 2,460,000 2019-01/2023-12
NSFC Neutron Scattering and Singletron Studies on Superconductors and Quantum Magnets 超导和量子磁体的中子及同步辐射研究 Macau 1,320,000 2020-01/2022-12
NSFC Iron Based Superconductor-Insulator quantum phase transition 铁基超导体中的超导绝缘量子相变 Israel 1,750,000 2019-10/2022-09
NSFC Transport properties of interacting topological insulators 有相互作用拓扑绝缘体的输运性质研究 Israel 1,750,000 2019-10/2022-09
NSFC ESR-STM study of individual radical ions at the single-molecule level 单分子水平单个自由基离子的ESR-STM研究 Israel 1,750,000 2019-10/2022-09
NSFC Investigation on highly efficient Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film solar cells from solution-processed method 高效率铜锌锡硫(硒)薄膜太阳能电池的溶液法制备与光电性能研究 Taiwan 1,100,000 2019-01/2021-12
NSFC Spin Dynamics of Correlated Electron Materials 关联电子材料的自旋动力学 UK 300,000 2020-07/2022-06
NSFC Application-oriented syntheses of FeSe-based superconductor films and studies of their critical parameters 以应用为导向的FeSe基超导膜的合成与临界参数特性研究 Germany 3,000,000 2021-01/2023-12
NSFC Study on high efficient spin-orbit torque effect in synthetic antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic nano-heterostructures: physics and applications 人工反铁磁/铁磁纳米异质结构的高效自旋轨道力矩物理及应用研究 Russia 1,500,000 2021-01/2023-12
CAS Neutron diffraction studies on novel magnetic refrigeration materials 新型磁制冷材料的中子衍射研究 USA  1,170,000 2019.01.01-2021.12.31
CAS Dynamics and physical properties of rejuvenated bulk metallic glasses 年轻化块体金属玻璃的动力学及物理特性 Iran 750,000 2019.01.01-2021.12.31
CAS Fundamental research on
solid lithium rechargeable batteries
先进同步辐射技术研究固态金属锂电池的相关基础科学问题 USA 1,000,000 2020.01.01-2022.12.31
CAS Investigation of two-dimensional topological materials using synchrotron radiation techniques 二维拓扑有序材料的同步辐射研究 Japan 1200000 2021.01.01-2023.12.31
CAS Joint Laboratory for Wave Functional Materials Research 波功能材料研究联合实验室 HONGKONG 920000 2021.01.01- 2022.12.31
MOST: Ministry of Science and Technology of China
NSFC: National Natural Science Foundation of China
CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences