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Fourteen IOP Researchers Selected as Chinese Most Cited Researchers in 2018 by Elsevier

Date:18-01-2019 Print

Fourteen researchers from IOP are selected among the 2018 Chinese Most Cited Researchers released by Elsevier on January 17, 2019.

The selected researchers of the list are from 229 universities and research institutions. They are distributed among 38 academic fields. The fourteen researchers from IOP are in the fields of Energy, Physics and Astronomy, and Materials Science respectively.

In the field of energy, out of 76 researchers, 11 are from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Among them is CAS Academician Chen Liquan from IOP.

In the field of Physics and Astronomy, out of 124 researchers, 27 are from CAS. Among them 11 are from IOP, including Prof. Chen Genfu, Prof. Ding Hong, Prof. Fang Zhong, CAS Academician Gao Hongjun, Prof. Jin Changqing, Prof. Liang Wenjie, Prof. Meng Sheng, Prof. Ren Zhian, Prof. Sun Yang, CAS Academician Wang Enge and CAS Academician Xie Sishen (in alphabetical order).

In the field of Materials Science, out of 174 researchers, 41 are from CAS. Among them, 2 are from IOP, who are Prof. Hu Yongsheng and CAS Academician Wang Weihua (in alphabetical order).?