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IOP Holds Alumni Reception during APS March Meeting 2019 and Appoints 1 Vice President and 2 Secretaries General for Its Alumni Association

Date:11-03-2019 Print

The IOP Alumni Reception during American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting 2019 was held at the Ballroom of the Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, on March 5 (local time). A great number of Chinese physicists, IOP alumni, overseas students and foreign friends attended the reception.

The reception started with the appointment ceremony of a new vice president and two new secretaries general of the IOP North America Alumni Association (IOP NAAA). Gao Li, President of the Association, announced the appointments and the management team to the attendees. Deng Zhen and Sun Zhaoru, former Deputy Secretaries General, cannot work for IOP NAAA any longer because they went back to work in China. Therefore, appointments of a new vice president and two new secretaries general were decided after discussion so as to guarantee the smooth development of the Association. These appointments have received support from three alumni, Tian Jifa, Ou Yunbo and Cui Yanxiang, who are dedicated to working for the Association. Now, the management team of IOP NAAA consists of: President Gao Li (California State University, Northridge), Vice President Jiang Nan (University of Illinois at Chicago), Sun Dali (North Carolina State University), Tian Jifa (University of Wyoming), Secretary General Jiang Lili (University of California, Berkeley), Deputy Secretary General Zhu Chongqin (University of Nebraska), Yang Shize (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Ou Yunbo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Cui Yanxiang (University of California, Los Angeles).

Founded in 2018, IOP NAAA, the first foreign alumni association of IOP, is dedicated to maintaining contact with alumni who study and work in the US and Canada, and has conducted fruitful work such as creating an alumni catalog, maintaining chat groups of alumni and organizing regional gatherings.

After the appointment ceremony, advertising videos of IOP and Huairou Science City were played to give the attendees a direct and vivid demonstration of IOP’s current situation and development plan.

IOP has been holding Alumni Receptions during APS March Meeting for 15 consecutive years. The reception has served as a vital platform for the gathering of IOP alumni at home and abroad and for the advertising and foreign exchanges of IOP. APS March Meeting is the world’s largest meeting in the field of physics hosted by APS annually. It covers almost every field of physics research, and enjoys a global attendance of 12,000, including professors, researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students, from universities, research institutions, labs and industrial organizations.

President Gao Li is delivering a speech at the reception.

Reception scene