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Professor Wei Zhiyi Wins the Honor of Highly Cited Author at the 10th Anniversary of the China Laser Press

Date:21-08-2019 Print

At the recently concluded 11th International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP 2019), Professor Wei Zhiyi of IOP was named a "Highly Cited Author" at the 10th anniversary of the China Laser Press for his series of published achievements in ultrafast fiber lasers. In addition, his paper "Optical Properties and Applications for Mos2-SB2Te3-Mos2 Heterostructure Materials (Photonics Research, 6 (2018) 220-227)", published in 2018 in Photonics Research, was also nominated for the "2018 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award".

Ultrafast laser has always been one of the most advanced research topics in laser science and has opened up many applied research directions. To meet the increasing application demand, the pursuit of ultrafast laser devices with stability, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low cost and convenient operation has been an important direction for laser experts in recent years. Optical fiber ultrafast lasers have become a popular choice in precision manufacturing, medical health, information technology, advanced scientific instruments and other industries due to their excellent stability, reliability, compact structure, ease of use, low cost and good compatibility. Professor Wei Zhiyi and his team have long been engaged in ultrafast laser research. In recent years, they have cooperated with Liu Wenjun and others of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, building several fiber lasers based on two-dimensional material mode locking. Recently, aiming at the different limitations of different types of single two-dimensional materials in ultra-fast laser applications, they further proposed a solution to realize saturable absorption materials with comprehensive advantages by heterostructure. Combining theoretical calculations and experiments, they prepared MoS2-Sb2Te3-MoS2 heterostructure materials with the common advantages of transition metal sulfides and topological insulators, which show both strong nonlinearity and high damage threshold. The output of ultrashort fiber laser pulse was realized, and the paper was nominated for the "2018 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award".

CIOP 2019, attended by over 1,200 optical scholars from home and abroad, has become one of the important conferences in the international optical field.

Fig. 1: Professor Wei Zhiyi won the honor of "Highly Cited Author" at the 10th anniversary of the China Laser Press
Fig. 2: The paper published in Photonics Research was nominated for the "2018 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award".