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Clarivate Analytics Names 11 IOP Researchers to Its 2019 List of Highly Cited Researchers

Date:22-11-2019 Print

On November 19, 2019, Clarivate Analytics released its annual list of Highly Cited Researchers 2019, which names 3,725 scientists in 21 fields in the ESI (Essential Science Indicators) database. Eleven IOP researchers are among the lists for physics, chemistry, materials science and cross-fields studies.

Among the 194 researchers in the field of physics, 3 are from CAS and all of them are IOP researchers. They are: CAS Academician Fang Zhong, Prof. Weng Hongming and Prof. Wang Zhijun (in alphabetical order).

Among the 237 researchers in the field of chemistry, 11 are from CAS and 2 of them are IOP researchers. They are: Prof. Gu Lin and Prof. Su Dong (in alphabetical order); among the 195 researchers in the field of materials science, 14 are from CAS and 1 of them is from IOP. Prof. Gu Lin was included in the lists of both chemistry and materials science.

Among the 2,491 researchers in cross-fields studies, a new category established in 2018, 28 are from CAS and 6 of them are IOP researchers. They are: CAS Academician Chen Liquan, CAS Academician Gao Hongjun, Prof. Li Hong, Prof. Lu Ling, Prof. Hu Yongsheng and Prof. Yu Xiqian (in alphabetical order).

The annual list recognizes researchers in the sciences and social sciences who produced multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for the preceding decade in 21 fields, demonstrating significant research influence among their peers. The papers surveyed include those published and cited during 2008-2018.