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IOP and HPSTAR Hold Workshop on Frontiers of High-Pressure Research

Date:12-11-2020 Print

The Workshop on Frontiers of High-Pressure Research co-organized by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOP, CAS) and the Center for High Pressure Science and Advanced Technology Research (HPSTAR) was held on IOP Huairou Campus from November 7-8, 2020.

High-pressure technology plays an important role in frontier research in condensed matter physics, chemistry, materials, earth science and other fields. In order to promote academic exchanges and scientific cooperation between IOP and HPSTAR in this area, over 20 researchers from both sides convened at the Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility on IOP Huairou Campus. They fully exchanged their views on the frontier progress and hotspot issues in this area, developed innovative research approaches by exchanging academic ideas, and established a long-term cooperation mechanism by fully tapping into their respective technical expertise, thus driving the development of high-pressure research in Beijing.

Prof. Cheng Jinguang of IOP first briefed on the construction progress of IOP Huairou Campus and "One Facility and Two Centers." Then, researchers from both sides gave scientific talks and conducted in-depth discussions on their research areas, technical expertise and representative achievements in recent years, and explored potential cooperation directions in several frontier areas. The workshop not only strengthened the exchanges and communications between high-pressure researchers in IOP and HPSTAR, but also enabled them to know more about the experimental conditions of "One Facility and Two Centers" on IOP Huairou Campus, laying a sound foundation for user expansion and in-depth cooperation.

The workshop was initiated by Prof. Cheng Jinguang of IOP and Prof. Ding Yang of HPSTAR, and organized by Prof. Yu Xiaohui of IOP and Prof. Gou Huiyang of HPSTAR.

Group Photo