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2020 Autumn Symposium for IOP Young Scientists Held in Huairou

Date:26-11-2020 Print

The 2020 Autumn Symposium for Young Scientists of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was held in Huairou, Beijing on November 20-22. The symposium was organized by the Nanoscale Physics and Devices Laboratory and supported by the Huairou Research Department.

More than 100 participants attended the symposium, including Li Ming, Deputy Party Secretary of IOP, Hu Jiangping, Deputy Director of IOP, Feng Guoxing, Head of the General Affairs Department, Cheng Jinguang, Deputy Director of the Huairou Research Department, He Peng, from the Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, IOP researchers, administrative staff, and invited scientists from universities around Beijing and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory

Hu Jiangping delivered an opening speech at the symposium, pointing out that the Young Scientists Symposium was IOP's most important platform for academic exchanges between young scientists, and the New Star Award granted at the symposium was a significant recognition of young researchers’ work. Later, Hu Jiangping presented this year’s Award to Suo Liumin, in recognition of his work in the exploration and development of a new battery system and the research on related basic scientific issues. Suo Liumin made a presentation entitled "Search for the Next-generation Rechargeable Batteries," introducing his research on a new generation of rechargeable batteries. Subsequently, Liu Gangqin, from the Lab of Solid State Quantum Information & Computation made an invited report entitled "Diamond Quantum Sensing Under High Pressures" at the invitation of the editorial department of Chinese Physics Letters. CPL Invited Talk, which began in the fall of 2018, is now a fixed program in IOP's Young Scientists Symposium and aims to encourage Chinese physicists, especially young physicists, to quickly publish their important original papers in CPL's Express Letters.

During the event, 37 young researchers from IOP, Peking University, Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory reported their latest research progress. The reports were novel and rich in content, covering frontier basic sciences and applied technologies in condensed matter physics and materials. The atmosphere at the venue was warm and lively.

After the reports, all participants voted for the five "Best Report Award." The winners went to Yang Wei, from the Nanoscale Physics and Devices Laboratory, Yu Guoqiang, from the Laboratory of Magnetism, Shen Jie, from the Lab of Solid State Quantum Information & Computation, Sun Yonghao, from the Laboratory of Extreme Conditions Physics, and Li Geng, from the Nanoscale Physics and Devices Laboratory. Hu Jiangping presented certificates to the five winners.

In addition to academic reports and discussions, Cheng Jinguang gave an introduction about the development of IOP Huairou Campus. The Huairou Research Department also organized participants to take a field trip of "One Facility and Two Centers". The participants learned more about the rapid development of Huairou Campus and the blueprint for its future development.

Established in the spring of 2005, the Young Scientists Symposium has now developed into one of the most influential branded events of IOP. It is normally held twice a year (in spring and autumn) and organized by IOP's Laboratories in turn. The attendees are mostly young researchers from IOP and neighboring universities and research institutes. It is intended to build a platform for young researchers of IOP, especially new-comers, to fully understand and exchange their latest research progress in different fields, and create a sound atmosphere for further unity and cooperation within IOP.