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IOP Holds Second Annual Postdoctoral Conference

Date:15-12-2020 Print

The Second IOP Annual Postdoctoral Conference was held on Huairou Campus, Institute of Physics (IOP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on December 10, 2020. Supported by Human Resources Department of IOP and organized by IOP Association for Postdoctoral Fellows, this conference aimed at building a platform for academic exchanges on current scientific frontiers for IOP postdoctoral fellows. More than 100 postdoctoral fellows and postgraduates from "One Village and Three Lakes" of IOP attended the conference.

Hu Jiangping, Deputy Director of IOP, attended the conference. It was presided over by Fu Qi, Deputy Head of IOP Human Resources Department. The conference began with an opening speech by Hu Jiangping, who said that postdoctoral fellows play an important role in talent training, and scientific and technological advancement. He stressed that IOP's "Outstanding Postdoc Award" is presented in recognition of the outstanding work done by the award winners. Last year, the two winners have been offered faculty positions at IOP. He also mentioned that IOP has seen a year-by-year increase of postdoctoral fellows. Next, more efforts would be made to introduce more postdoctoral fellows and organize activities to strengthen communication among IOP postdocs and stimulate innovation.

The "Outstanding Postdoc Award" was conferred on Dr. Zuo Yonggang of SF1 group and Dr. Tao Lei of N04 group. Prof. Hu presented the awards and congratulated the two winners. Later, the two winners gave fascinating reports on "Preparation, Characterization and Application of Low-Dimensional Functional Materials" and "CuInP2S6 (CIPS): An Unconventional Quadruple-well Ferroelectric Material with Novel Features" respectively.

After that, the conference was held through three parallel sessions, at which postdoctoral fellows from various labs gave reports on their latest achievements and exchanged views with each other on hotspot issues. At each parallel session, one best report was selected in the morning and afternoon respectively through on-site voting.

After the conference, the Office of Huairou Research Department organized the attendees to visit the lab buildings and exhibition halls of IOP Huairou Campus to understand the development of "One Facility and Two Platforms" and the overall planning and development of Huairou Science City.

The conference has further promoted the cooperation and exchange among IOP postdoctoral fellows and provided a platform for them to stay current on the development of various disciplines of IOP and to communicate issues covering scientific research and career development. In the future, IOP will continue to explore new ways of postdoctoral cultivation, and diversify the forms of postdoctoral activities, so as to make postdoctoral fellows a stronger research force at IOP.

Hu Jiangping delivers a speech

The annual conference

Hu Jiangping presents the "Outstanding Postdoc Award" to two winners

Group Photo