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IOP Holds Second Physics Minds Strategic Forum

Date:01-03-2021 Print

The second Physics Minds Strategic Forum was held at the cafe on the 9th floor of the M building in the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences on February 26, 2021. The topic under discussion is "Near Room-temperature Superconducting Materials and Physics". It attracted more than 30 academicians, experts, and scholars from inside and outside of IOP.

Prof. Meng Sheng first briefly explained the significance and objectives of the series of Physics Minds Strategic Forums, and then gave the floor to Prof. Cheng Jinguang, who was the host of the current forum. Prof. Cheng introduced the background, recent theoretical and experimental progress of the topic under discussion, and analyzed existing problems and challenges. He hoped this forum could promote concentration of research resources on high-pressure and superconducting condensed matter research to achieve breakthroughs by aiming at major issues. Academician Zhao Zhongxian sent opinions and suggestions on the forum's topic. He believed in the research potential of hydride superconductivity and encouraged researchers in related fields to create conditions and devote efforts into this area.

The forum then saw an exchange of ideas on room-temperature superconducting materials and physics of hydrogen-rich compounds under high pressure, focusing on scientific problems that have yet to be solved and future directions of this field. The participants include Academicians Yu Lu and Xiang Tao from IOP, Academician Mao Heguang, Prof. Ding Yang and Yang Wenge from Center for High Pressure Science and Advanced Technology Research, Prof. Ma Yanming and Liu Hanyu from Jilin University, Prof. Zhou Xingjiang and Sun Liling from IOP, and many other scholars.

The Physics Minds Strategic Forum comprises a series of academic activities jointly held by IOP and its Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center, with each session focusing on one frontier issue. It aims to promote in-depth collision of ideas among physicists, enhance high-level communication and cooperation among research teams, solve major scientific and technological problems of national importance, make breakthroughs in key and core technologies that restrict development and achieve more world-class original results.

Prof. Cheng Jinguang is presiding over the forum

On-site exchanges

Group photo of attendees