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IOP Held First Ultrafast Physics Roundtable Discussion

Date:11-04-2022 Print

The first Ultrafast Physics Roundtable Discussion, organized by the Center for Ultrafast Physical Sciences of the Institute of Physics (IOP), was held in Room J-206 on 7 April 2022.

Focusing on the laser regulation of phase transitions, attendees at this roundtable discussed unsettled scientific issues and suggested thereby possible directions in the future. A total of 21 researchers from 12 research groups within the Institute took part in the discussion. Together, they engaged in a lively discussion on the research background, frontier progresses and major challenges related to the laser regulation of phase transitions, with possible collaborations in this field being tentatively discussed and a number of scientific questions and directions for possible further research suggested.

Taking full advantage of the lunch break to invite relevant researchers for discussion, the "Ultrafast Physics Roundtable Discussion" aims to promote in-depth exchanges of ideas among researchers, enhance multi-dimensional communication and cooperation among research teams, and push forward the research in ultrafast physical sciences in IOP.