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IOP Held First Ultrafast Physical Science Forum

Date:29-04-2022 Print

The First Ultrafast Physical Science Forum was held on Thursday afternoon, April 28, 2022. On the forum, Professor Andrea Cavalleri from the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter and the University of Oxford gave a report entitled "Driven quantum materials". More than 2,400 researchers from home and abroad participated online.

Before the academic exchange, Prof. Meng Sheng of IOP, introduced the origin of this forum and its purpose of promoting ultrafast scientific research through discussion. The forum was organized and chaired by Prof. Zhao Jimin of IOP, during which Academician Yu Lu from IOP, Prof. Wang Nanlin from Peking University and Prof. Wei Zhiyi from IOP put forward questions and exchanged viewpoints with the reporter on scientific issues.

The "Ultrafast Physical Science" forum belongs to a series of workshops initiated by the Center for Ultrafast Physical Sciences of IOP. Revolving around frontier and hot issues in the field of ultrafast physical sciences, the forum invites renowned experts from home and abroad to discuss relevant issues, to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation, and to boost frontier research in physical sciences.

This event marks the first official "Ultrafast Physical Science" forum in 2022, and it will be followed by more lectures in this field.