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IOP Holds 2022 Public Science Day

Date:28-06-2022 Print

The 2022 Public Science Day of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was held online on June 25. This physics- and science-related event attracted nearly one million online viewers.

Jointly organized by by IOP and Bilibili, this year's Public Science Day is themed “the wonderful adventure of IOP”, aiming to spread scientific knowledge and spirit by presenting interesting scientific stories. From 12: 00 to 22:00, the 10-hour non-stop online event unfolded continuously in 9 sessions, including two Large-scale Experimental Shows, A Visit to the Huairou Campus, Magic Science Academy, Laboratory Tour, Rumor Killers, Academicians' Lecture and Science in Food. With the combined efforts of Academicians, young scholars and uploaders, a magnificent scientific event was presented to the public.

The Public Science Day enables viewers to get close to science and physics, learn about the knowledge of physics, feel scientific research at zero distance, and understand that science is not unreachable but reflected in all aspects of our daily life. This year, IOP and Bilibili cooperated again, hoping to introduce science in such a way that the public, especially teenagers, feel more attracted to, so as to encourage people to participate more in the activities, and truly make scientific knowledge popular.

CAS Academician Shen Baogen introduces the importance of rare earth as a national strategic resource and the development of rare-earth-related technologies.

The experimental show of "Be happy alone or share your happiness."

The experimental show of "Listening to the voice of molecules."

Lab tour on IOP Huairou Campus.

Lab tour on IOP Zhongguancun Campus.

"Magic Science Academy" -explore the secrets of science behind magic.

"Rumor Killers" -confirm or shatter rumors in our life through experimentation.

"Science in Food"-discover scientific secrets in food