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The 338th forum: Silicon Photonics and its Applications

Date: 2018-06-22
Time: 10:00
Venue: 中科院物理研究所M楼253报告厅
Speaker: Prof. Zhiping (James) Zhou

Peking University, Beijing, China

Zhiping (James) Zhou received his Ph.D. (EE) degree from Georgia Institute of Technology (GT), USA, in 1993. From 1993 to 2005, he was with the Microelectronics Research Center at GT, where he engaged research and development in the areas of nanotechnology; silicon photonics; ultra-fast optical communications; integrated optoelectronics; semiconductor devices and sensors. He is now a “Changjiang” Professor at Peking University, Beijing, China. He has been credited for over 460 technical papers, presentations, and patents.
He is a Fellow of OSA, SPIE, and IET. He serves as Honorary Director of Chinese Optical Society (COS) and Managing Director of Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE), the founding Editor-in-Chief of Photonics Research (2012-present). He was founding Chair of IEEE Wuhan Section, 2007-2008, Director of IEEE Atlanta Section, 2001- 2003. He also chaired, co-chaired, and served on many program committees for various conferences of IEEE Photonics Society, OSA, SPIE, COS, and CSOE.

Silicon photonics has demonstrated itself as a more efficient and lower cost on-chip optical solution for high speed optical communications, datacenter interconnections, and sensing technology. It is expected that, following the footsteps of the microelectronics, a successful monolithic integration of silicon based photonic devices and microelectronic devices will lead to a significant "micro optoelectronics revolution". This presentation will start with an introduction to “Silicon Photonics”, and then followed by our recent progresses in silicon photonics research, including efforts in device down-sizing, energy consumption reduction, and integration.

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