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The 339th forum: Tuning Electrical and Thermal Properties in Nanostructured Materials

Date: 2018-06-25
Time: 10:00
Venue: 中科院物理研究所M楼253报告厅
Speaker: Yue Wu Herbert L. Stiles Associated Professor

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Iowa State University
Department of Energy, Ames National Lab

Prof. Yue Wu obtained his B.S. degree in Chemistry at the University of Science and Technology of China in 2001, received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry at Harvard University in 2006. He then was awarded the Miller Fellowship and performed postdoctoral research at the University of California at Berkeley. After receiving an early promotion to tenured associate professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University on April 4, 2014, he accepted the position of the Herbert L.Stiles Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering from Iowa State University with a joint appointment in Department of Energy Ames National Laboratory. His research focuses on advanced nanomaterials and devices for efficient waste heat recovery, solid state cooling, and thermal management. Prof. Wu has been recognized by several prestigious awards, including the 2016 Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum Young Investigator Award from American Institute of Chemical Engineers, “Rising Star” by the Council of Chemical Research in 2015. His research has been featured in Chemical and Engineering News, National Public Radio, National Science Foundation, MRS Bulletin, Nature magazine, Materials Today magazine, and MIT Technology Review.

The rapid development of nanomaterials in the past decade has provided a possibility of directly converting waste heat back to electricity based on the thermoelectric Seebeck effect. In this talk, we will discuss our latest progress on nanostructured thermoelectric materials in the following three areas: (1) exploring new way to reduce thermal conductivity in porous structure without sacrificing electrical property; (2) further tuning electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity through doping; (3) reliminating the need for toxic and scarce elements.

邀 请 人:梁文杰(电话:8264 8159)
联 系 人:李园园(电话:8264 9364)