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The 318th Forum: Inflation Dynamics of quantum phase transition in a driven Bose-Einstein condensate

Date: 2017-12-21
Time: 15:00
Venue: 中科院物理研究所M楼234报告厅
Speaker: Prof. Cheng Chin

James Franck Institute, Enrico Fermi Institute, Department of Physics, University of Chicago


  Prof. Chin obtained his Ph.D in Physics from Stanford University (Adviser: Steven Chu).He is a professor at the University of Chicago, working for the Department of Physics as well as the Enrico Fermi Institute and the James Franck Institute.

  Prof. Chin is a very active scientist. He has given many invited talks in international conferences and organized or co-organized many conferences. He has published numerous papers, and is a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher.

  Prof. Chin has received many awards for his scientific achievements, including the I.I. Rabi Prize and the Bose-Einstein condensation award. He was elected as an American Physical Society Fellow in 2014.


  Quantum phase transitions are transitions between distinct many-body ground states, and are of extensive interest in research ranging from condensed matter physics to cosmology. Key features of the phase transitions include a stage with rapid growth of new order parameter, called inflation in cosmology, followed by the formation of topological defects.

  Based on Bose-Einstein condensates of cesium atoms in a shaken lattice, we report the observation of Kibble-Zurek scaling of quantum critical dynamics [1], and inflationary dynamics across the quantum critical point [2]. In particular, the inflation manifests in the exponential growth and high harmonic generations of populations in well-resolved momentum states [3].

  [1] Universal space-time scaling symmetry in the dynamics of bosons across a quantum phase transition, Logan W. Clark, Lei Feng, Cheng Chin, Science 354, 606 (2016).

  [2] Coherent inflationary dynamics for Bose-Einstein condensates crossing a quantum critical point, Lei Feng, Logan W. Clark, Anita Gaj, Cheng Chin, Nature Physics (2017).

  [3] Logan W. Clark, Anita Gaj, Lei Feng, Cheng Chin, Collective emission of matter-wave jets from driven Bose-Einstein condensates, Nature 551, 356 (2017).

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