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The 345th forum: From honeycomb lattice to kagome lattice

Date: 2018-10-29
Time: 10:00
Venue: M236
Speaker: 曾长淦 教授



曾长淦,中国科学技术大学教授。2008年入选中科院“百人计划”和教育部“新世纪优秀人才支持计划”。主要从事低维凝聚态物理的实验研究。在此领域共发表SCI论文近70篇, 包括1篇Nature,1篇Nature  Mater.,1篇Nature Photon., 2篇Nature Commun.,10篇Phys. Rev. Lett.,1篇Adv. Mater.,3篇Nano Lett.;授权专利5件。担任NPG期刊Scientific Reports编委。获邀在国际会议和国外大学作邀请报告30余次,包括2017年和2007年美国物理学会(APS)三月年会、以及2013年美国材料学会(MRS)秋季会议邀请报告。获得的奖励包括中国科学院“优秀研究生指导教师”奖(2013)、中国科学院“朱李月华优秀教师”奖(2013)、中国科学院教育教学成果一等奖(2017)等等。


Based on the electronic band theory, various exotic band structures has been investigated by proper design of the lattice structures. For example, Dirac band hosting massless fermions is realized in the honeycomb lattices, while flat band hosting superheavy fermions can be constructed in the kagome lattices. Such nontrivial lattices have been exploited extensively to discover a spectrum of quantum effects. In this talk, I will present our recent progresses on the unique syntheses and quantum characteristics of the fermions and bosons in such lattices, including: 1) self-assembled synthesis of 2D and 1D graphene structures; 2) spin switching effect in the narrowest zigzag graphene nanoribbons; 3) quantum plasmonic behaviors in graphene; 4) flatband, ferromagnetism, and topological property in Fe-based kagome compounds. Collectively, these findings help to shed new light on the exploitation of emergent physics in the nontrivial lattice geometries by design.

邀 请 人:翁红明(电话:8264 9941)

联 系 人:李园园(电话:8264 9364 )