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IOP Celebrates the 2023 Public Science Day

Date:16-05-2023 Print

On May 13, 2023, the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held its annual Public Science Day commemorations. This year's event was organized with the theme "Science Foresees the Future — IOP's Thrilling Adventure". The main venue for this year's Public Science Day is IOP's Zhongguancun Campus. Its Huairou Campus in Beijing and Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center in Liyang, Jiangsu opened to the public on the same day. This physics and science exposition — a metaphorical 'carnival' — garnered considerable attention, with almost 20,000 in-person attendees and in excess of 4 million virtual visits.

IOP, in collaboration with Bilibili, inaugurated the Public Science Day. The event sought to disseminate scientific knowledge and foster the spirit of scientific inquiry through the presentation of captivating scientific content and on-site interaction. The scientific activities were held from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and comprised of lectures delivered by academicians, extensive experimentation, the "Lovely Science" seminar, the Bilibili popular science exhibition, salons with a science fiction theme, interactive experiments, open access to the state key laboratories, specialized popular science exhibitions, popular science classes held under trees, and a science reality show.

Academician Shu Degan Introduces the Cambrian Period

Prof. Chen Xuzong Delivers a Lecture on Atomic Spectroscopy

Associate Prof. Su Yang Elucidates Topology

Prof. Lu Jing Retrospectively Examines the Evolutionary Trajectory of Life Forms over the Past 400 Million Years

Uploaders' Wonderful Popular Science Speeches

Visit to the Interactive Experiment Exhibition

Big Experiment Show: Learning Physics: Even Music Laymen Can Understand Its Theory

Big Experiment Show: Chemical Approach to Formulas

Academician Wang Dingsheng and Prof. Meng Sheng Give the Popular Science Lecture Titled "Infinitely Big, Small and Numerous"

Convergence of Innovative Concepts — the Science Fiction Salon

Visit to a Laboratory on Zhongguancun Campus

"Stall of Science" Reality Show

Visit to a Laboratory on Huairou Campus

Interactive Experiment Show on Huairou Campus

Public Science Day Activities on Liyang Campus

Interactive Experiment Show on Liyang Campus

Explanation of Interactive Scientific Experiments on Liyang Campus

Visit to the Academicians' Wall

The Public Science Day, organized by IOP, represents the most prominent and influential science popularization endeavor of its kind. This year's Public Science Day marks its 20th anniversary, and the fifth anniversary of its collaboration with Bilibili. The establishment of a robust partnership between IOP and Bilibili in the field of science popularization has effectively introduced and disseminated scientific information in a manner that resonates with the public. This collaboration has successfully transformed scientific knowledge into a widely embraced phenomenon.

Meet Science and Foresee the Future Scientific and technological innovation, along with the popularization of science, serve as pivotal catalysts for innovative development. The inception of the Public Science Day by IOP offers the general public a unique opportunity to engage with science. Science is not an esoteric realm exclusive to a select few, but rather intricately intertwined with the lives of ordinary individuals. Our envisioned future commences at this juncture.