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IOP Holds 2023 Graduation Ceremony for Postgraduate Students and 95th Anniversary Celebration

Date:21-06-2023 Print

On the morning of June 16, the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held its 2023 Graduation Ceremony for Postgraduate Students and 95th Anniversary Celebration at the 234 Lecture Hall of Building M. More than 300 people attended the event, including IOP directors, students' supervisors, students' parents, graduates, and some IOP staff members and students.

The year 2023 marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of IOP, followed by its 100th anniversary five years later in 2028. To bridge the two momentous occasions, IOP designed a themed cultural celebration. On May 20, the M building's themed activity zone was grandly opened, where many teachers, students, and IOP staff members wrote down their feelings and blessings for IOP, what they wanted to say to themselves five years later, or expressed their wishes and expectations for IOP's centennial celebration.

A lively and joyful video named Oh, Youth kicked off the cultural celebration. This video, created with classic old songs, lasted 3 minutes and 25 seconds. The audience was taken on a journey following historic photos and portraits of scientists taken when they were young, allowing the audience to go back to the old times, and refreshing their heart-warming memories. As many of the audience were seeing pictures of the scientists in their youth for the first time, the pictures triggered bursts of exclamation and moved the audience deeply. Each person's youth holds its own magnificent chapter. The video paid tribute to youth with sincerity. Time can enrich our experiences and alter our appearances, but what remains unchanged is the original intention of generations of scientists to serve their country and people.

After that, scientist representatives and Academicians stepped onto the stage and placed their handwritten scrolls into specially-made brocade boxes. The Academicians shared their experiences and insights, offered advice, or expressed their hopes for the future. Their candid and plain words encouraged students to approach their imminent career path with a positive and optimistic mindset. During the interactive session, the screen displayed a video titled As Wished, which featured scenes of many IOP staff members and students writing their wish cards, as well as close-ups of the wish cards related to the celebration of IOP's 95th anniversary.

Then the elaborately created promotional video showcasing the culture of IOP, entitled "Great Virtue Carries All, Physics Research Ignites Science", was shown. The video linked IOP's 95-year journey of ups and downs and original aspirations and sense of responsibility of IOP people, following the thread of nature, science, physics, and IOP. It showcased the cultural philosophy and spiritual core that IOP people have been adhering to, their continued pursuit of scientific advancement, and unwavering ideal of serving the country through science and technology.

The three videos played during the event led the audience through IOP's long development history and deepened their love and sense of responsibility for IOP and our country.

IOP Director Fang Zhong Delivers a Speech

IOP Party Secretary Li Ming Presides over the Ceremony

Graduate Representative Zhou Anxing Delivers Speech

Supervisor Representative and Researcher Guo Jiandong Delivers a Speech

Graduates Present Flowers to Their Parents

Graduate Parents Representative Li Feng Delivers a Speech

IOP Deputy Director Cheng Jinguang Leads Graduates to Take an Oath

IOP Deputy Director and Director of IOP Academic Degree Committee Hu Jiangping Announces the Degree Awarding Decision

IOP Party Committee Deputy Secretary Shi Yongjun Reads out the List of Graduates

IOP Deputy Director and Director of IOP Academic Degree Committee Hu Jiangping Adjusts the Tassels on a Graduate's Cap to the Appropriate Position, Symbolizing His Status as a Graduate

IOP Director Fang Zhong Presents a Certificate to a Graduate

Graduation Ceremony

Group Photo of Graduates of Classes of 2023

Themed Cultural Celebration of IOP's 95th Anniversary

Video Oh, Youth

Video As Wished

Debut of IOP's Image Promotional Video Great Virtue Carries All, Physics Research Ignites Science

Group Photo of IOP Directors and Academicians