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Probing strongly correlated quantum states in 2D material moiré superlattice

Date: 2024-05-15
Time: 14:00
Venue: M253
Speaker: Guo Yu

PhD Candidate, Princeton University


In solid state materials, numerous electrons are interacting due to Coulomb interactions. In the strongly-correlated regime, interactions can give rise to intriguing quantum phenomena including the appearance of “fractionalized” excitations. Their investigation is critical to fundamental physics and future quantum technologies but is challenging in both material realization and experimental detection. 2D materials and their moiré structures offer a promising platform to search for and investigate such states. In this talk, I will provide a new example of strongly correlated quantum states, i.e. a 2D anisotropic Luttinger Liquid state in small-angle twisted bilayer WTe2. This state exhibits three key transport characteristics, including (i) an exceptionally large in-plane transport anisotropy, (ii) a power-law scaled conductance in the hard direction and (iii) a distinct nonlinear differential resistance along the easy direction that features a vanishing value at zero bias. By tuning the twist angle, we demonstrate that such a 2D correlated state, akin to the 1D Luttinger liquid, can be stabilized down to at least 50 mK. Our results provide a platform for further studying intriguing phenomena related to non-Fermi liquids.


Guo Yu is a graduate student in Sanfeng Wu group at Princeton University. Her research mainly focuses on detecting novel quantum states of various 2D materials using quantum transport and other techniques. Before Princeton, she obtained bachelor’s degree at Physics Department, Tsinghua University in 2018. She will join Physics Department at Harvard University as a Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI) postdoc fellow in fall 2024. Her research interest lies in developing next generation quantum devices and experimental probes for correlated 2D quantum states.

联系人:陈其宏 特聘研究员