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Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering study of Magnetic Excitations in high-Tc cuprate superconductors

Date: 2017-12-05
Time: 14:00
Venue: M236会议室
Speaker: Dr. Yingying Peng

Dipartimento di Fisica, Politecnico di Milano, I-20133, Italy

Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) is a photon-in and photon-out technique which becomes popular in recent years due to the fast progress in the instrumentation and by importanttheoretical achievements. RIXS can be used in a very effective way to study the charge and spin excitations in strongly correlated 3d transition-metal systems.
In this seminar,I will briefly review the improvement of resonant soft X-ray Scattering instruments and the main achievements of RIXS (i.e. magnetic excitations, charge order and phonons) in recent years. The focus of the talk will be RIXS study ofmagnetic excitations in cuprate high-Tc superconductors.We use high resolution RIXS to determine therelation between crystal structure and the extent of hopping integrals in parent compounds, revealing whyapical oxygens are detrimental to superconductivity. Moreover, we use high resolution RIXS andnumerically exact determinant quantum Monte Carlo (DQMC) methodto study the dispersions, damping and intensity of spin excitations inone family of high-temperature superconductor, providing compellingevidence that spinexcitations persist across the superconducting dome of cuprate phase diagram.

Yingying Peng(彭莹莹) received her BS (2008) from Wuhan University and PhD from Institute of Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013). From 2013 to 2017, she has worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. From 2015 to 2017, she was also a visitor in beamline ID32 (soft X-ray spectroscopy), ESRF, France. She was responsible for the optical design of resonant inelastic X-ray scattering(RIXS)spectrometer for European X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL), Germany.She is experienced in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and RIXS study ofstrong correlated materials. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles. Recently, she is using high-resolution RIXS to study the charge, spin, orbital and lattice excitations and their interplays incuprate superconductors.

联系人: 周兴江 / 8264-8176