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·Applications of Machine Learning to Materials Modeling     (2017.11.22)
·Experimental probing of quantum criticality at the Superconductor-Insulator Quantum Phase Transition     (2017.11.16)
·Smooth Deposition and Stable Cyclability of Lithium Metal Batteries through Electrolyte Strategy     (2017.11.16)
·Polymer science as a tool for materials design and biological discovery     (2017.11.08)
·Flux Penetrations and Thermomagnetic Instabilities in Three-Dimensional Superconducting Nanostructures     (2017.11.06)
·Plasmon-driven Sub-picosecond Breathing of Metal Nanoparticles     (2017.11.07)
·Atomistic modeling of quantum processes in nanoscale devices DFTB+: Applications to device and excited state simulations of nanomaterials     (2017.11.07)
·Active Brownian Transport in Confined Geometries     (2017.10.31)
·Subpicosecond Exciton & Bi-Exciton Dynamics in Quantum Dot Materials: Implication in Solar Cell     (2017.10.27)
·光电化学系列学术报告(五十五)     (2017.10.27)
·Last piece of puzzle: THz wave emission from liquid water     (2017.10.27)
·Berry Phases and Potential Energy Surfaces beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation     (2017.10.24)
·Anomalous Metals and Failed Superconductors     (2017.10.19)
·ProjectQ - A software framework for quantum computing     (2017.10.16)
·Nematicity and beyond: emergent electronic states in iron-based high-temperature superconductors     (2017.10.12)
·Visualizing Materials Functionality at the Ultrafast and Atomic Scale     (2017.10.13)
·Superconductivity mediated by quantum critical antiferromagnetic fluctuations: the rise and fall of hot spots     (2017.10.11)
·The rich landscape of orientational phases     (2017.10.10)
·Exact Boson-Fermion Duality on a 3D Euclidean Lattice     (2017.09.29)
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