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·Nucleic Acids Force and Structure     (2018.03.26)
·Wet granular dynamics: impact, assembly and pattern formation     (2018.03.26)
·Silicon and Germanium of High Chemical and Isotopic Purity     (2018.03.26)
·Plasma-Chemical Conversion of Isotope-Modified Volatile Inorganic Fluorides     (2018.03.26)
·Symmetry enhanced first-order phase transition in a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet     (2018.03.28)
·Atomic scale magnetic and structural imaging by achromatic electron microscopy     (2018.03.23)
·Properties and use of Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) pumps and their application in HV and UHV sientific and industrial systems     (2018.03.21)
·Thermoelectric Materials and Fast Ionic Conductors with Structural Instabilities     (2018.03.20)
·Melting of two-dimensional Wigner Solids     (2018.02.12)
·Optical investigation of strong light-matter interactions in 2D materials     (2018.02.02)
·Thin film deposition and high-field transport properties of Fe-based superconductors     (2018.01.24)
·Towards Precision Personalized Medicine: Point of Care (POC) Systems, Organ on a Chip for Ultra-Sensitive Quantitative Detection of Biomarkers in Physiological fluids     (2018.01.23)
·Field-Intensity Correlations of Light     (2018.01.18)
·Mesoscopic energy conversion, inelastic thermoelectricity and beyond     (2018.01.17)
·Braiding Majorana Zero Modes in Spin Space: From Worldlines to Worldribbons     (2018.01.16)
·Processes and Interfaces in Nanoionic Memory Devices     (2018.01.15)
·Pr2Ir2O7: when Luttinger semimetal meets Melko-Hertog-Gingras spin state     (2018.01.12)
·Present status of laser-driven neutron source research at ILE, Osaka     (2018.01.15)
·Composite pulses for robust control of spin qubits     (2018.01.11)
·Spin physics in complex oxide heterostructures     (2018.01.12)
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