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·Synthesis and applications of metal oxide/sulphide nanomaterials     (2018.07.18)
·Detection of single electron and nuclear spins using scanning tunneling microscopy     (2018.07.18)
·(a)Rotator crystals in a monolayer of vertically vibrated discs;(b)Growing drops on an inclined plane: evolution of shape     (2018.07.13)
·Yielding in hard sphere glasses     (2018.07.13)
·Atomic-resolution observation of crystal growth in metallic glass nanorods     (2018.07.10)
·Why does classifying images appear to be easier than simulating two-dimensional quantum systems?     (2018.07.09)
·Novel Carbons – From Graphene to Generalized Grphenoid Compounds     (2018.07.10)
·Advances in single atom electron spin resonance: hyperfine interaction and magnetic resonance imaging     (2018.07.09)
·Interaction of light with matter: photoacoustic laser streaming and optical properties of low-dimensional Perovskites     (2018.07.12)
·Recent STM Studies of Gate-tunable 2D Material Devices     (2018.07.09)
·Fundamental Excitons in Solids     (2018.07.11)
·Non-Hermitian Band Theory and Application in Correlated Electron Systems     (2018.07.05)
·“Marrying” light to matter in solid state cavity quantum electrodynamics     (2018.07.09)
·Transistos without Semiconductors by Functionalized Boron Nitride Nanotubes     (2018.07.05)
·Plasmon Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Properties and Their Applications     (2018.07.04)
·Magnon generation and detection in organic based magnet     (2018.07.04)
·Rutile TiO2 : photocatalysis and polarons     (2018.07.06)
·Exotic response in topological materials     (2018.07.02)
·Tetragonal magnetic Heuslers for non-collinear magnetism     (2018.07.04)
·Quantum Solid Mixtures in Giant Planets     (2018.06.29)
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