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·Probing Quantum Orders in high-Tc cuprate superconductors     (2018.05.31)
·End-to-end symmetry preserving potential energy models for molecules and materials     (2018.05.29)
·Diamond based materials and nanostructures: review and future prospects     (2018.05.25)
·Proximitized Materials     (2018.05.23)
·The Quantum Science of Atoms on Surfaces     (2018.05.22)
·A brief introduction to numerical bootstrap method and its applications     (2018.05.24)
·Harvest electricity from human body using triboelectric nanogenerators     (2018.05.22)
·Field Effect Control of Quantum Phases Using Ionic Gating     (2018.05.24)
·The PhAST approach to studying nucleoprotein complexes at base pair resolution: Application to analysis of nucleosome formation     (2018.05.24)
·Active suspensions of E.coli: Individual dynamics and collective behaviors     (2018.05.18)
·Novel topological lattices for ultracold atoms     (2018.05.11)
·X-ray imaging and spectroscopy diagnostics in HED and laboratory astrophysics studies with high-power lasers     (2018.05.08)
·Orbital and Rashba effects on anisotropic magneto-transport of two-dimensional electron gases at SrTiO3 (111)-, (110)-, and (001)-surfaces     (2018.05.09)
·Emerging Phenomena at Correlated Oxide Nanostructures and Interfaces     (2018.05.10)
·New chemistry and physics in magnetic oxides     (2018.05.09)
·Spin Conversion Phenomena in Spintronics     (2018.05.08)
·Majorana and Subgap superconducting States Nanowires     (2018.04.27)
·Terahertz Driven Electron and X-ray Sources     (2018.04.28)
·Inside Nature     (2018.04.26)
·Non-Adiabatic Molecular Dynamics Investigations on the Excited Carrier Dynamics     (2018.04.20)
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