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·the 303rd Forum: Quantum Photonic Networks     (2017.07.24)
·The 302nd Forum: From Large Spin Hall Metal to Topological Chern Insulator: Materials Discovery through First Principles Calculations     (2017.07.14)
·the 301st forum: Thermal Conductivity of Two-Dimensional Materials     (2017.06.13)
·The 300th forum: From Atmospheric Complexes to Aerosols: New Insights into Atmospheric Chemistry     (2017.06.13)
·The 299th forum: Nanostructured Bulk Materials for Thermoelectric Applications     (2017.06.12)
·The 298th forum: Counting the Uncountable: Numerical Calculation of Granular Entropy     (2017.06.01)
·The 297th forum: Emergent Phenomena in Multiferroic Thin Films Revealed by Advanced Electron Microscopy     (2017.05.19)
·The 294st Forum: 高温超导电子器件与应用     (2017.03.09)
·The 292nd Forum: New Femtosecond XUV Beamline for Ultrafast Materials Research     (2016.10.27)
·The 286th Forum: A Pseudoinverse Incremental Algorithm for Fast Training Deep Network with Application to Large Scale Spectra Pattern Recognition     (2016.06.21)
·The 285th Forum: Materials and Devices for Spintronics – First-principles Approach     (2016.05.27)
·the 283rd Forum: Surprising effects of electronic correlations in solids     (2016.03.21)
·the 281st forum: Models for Heterogeneous Catalysts: Surface and Subsurface Chemistry     (2016.01.12)
·the 279th forum: Anharmonic lattice dynamics from first-principles     (2015.11.24)
·The 277th forum: Engineering Synergy: Energy and Mass Transport in Hybrid Nanomaterials     (2015.09.17)
·The 276th Forum: Theory of making nanostructures, two examples of recent advances: CNT and 2D boron     (2015.08.27)
·8th IUPAP International Conference on Biological Physics     (2014.05.05)
·The 255th Forum: High-Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Gases at the Interface between Insulating Oxides     (2014.01.09)
·The 254th Forum: Ternary Compound Semiconductor Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy     (2013.09.11)
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