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Harvest electricity from human body using triboelectric nanogenerators

Date: 2018-05-22
Time: 10:30
Venue: 中科院物理所A楼三层会议室
Speaker: Dr. Renyun Zhang

Mid Sweden University

The motion of human body are found to be a energy source that can be harvested using triboelectric nanongenerators (TENG). In most of the cases, the body motion is used to trigger an external (TENG). Our studies show that charges can be created on human body when contact with other materials, and can be harvested directly using TENG. The mechanism behind is the unique biological structure and the electrical properties of human body.

Dr. Renyun Zhang is an assistant professor of Nanotechnology at Mid Sweden University. He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Southeast University in 2007. His research interests include functional nanomaterials for large area energy harvesting and storage, nano films, transparent and flexible electrodes, and nanobiotechnology. He is an editorial member of Scientific Report and Journal of Nanomaterials, and a member of Elsevier Advisory Panel.