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“Marrying” light to matter in solid state cavity quantum electrodynamics

Date: 2018-07-09
Time: 10:00
Venue: 中科院物理所M236会议室
Speaker: Dr. Xiaoze Liu

University of California, Berkeley, USA

    In the scheme of cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED), light and matter can be “married” to demonstrate unprecedented phenomena by taking advantages of both constituents. The solid state platform provides a convenient and efficient testbed to explore the underlying physics and optoelectronic applications in CQED. In this talk, I will first introduce new hybrid quasiparticles of light (i. e., photon) and matter (i. e., exciton) in the strong coupling regime of solid state CQED. The hybrid quasiparticles called exciton-polaritons take advantages of excitons and photons, leading to interesting physics and applications such as high-temperature Bose-Einstein condensation, superfluidity, photon blockade and inversionless lasers. Specifically, I will discuss the formation and coherent control of exciton-polaritons in an optical cavity embedded with two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors. As one typical example of the emerging materials, 2D semiconductors show unique excitonic properties due to large quantum confinement. These properties overcome limitations of conventional quantum well systems, and are inherited to the 2D exciton polaritons for table-top demonstration of profound quantum phenomena. Following this, I will also present some of our recent progress on the perovskite semiconductors with Rydberg excitons in CQED. The Rydberg exciton series in perovskites demonstrate large oscillator strengths and thus can be strongly coupled to cavity photons. The observation of Rydberg exciton polaritons and its condensation indicates great applications for quantum optics and energy-efficient devices.

       University of California, Berkeley, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2015– Present;
      City University of New York (CUNY), Research Assistant/ Research Associate, 2008 – 2014;
      City University of New York (CUNY), Ph.D. in Physics, September 2014;
      HuaZhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), B.S. in Applied Physics, June 2008.

邀请人:许秀来 研究员(Tel:82649820)
联系人:陆  凌 研究员(Tel:82649203)