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Fundamental Excitons in Solids

Date: 2018-07-11
Time: 15:00
Venue: 中科院物理所M楼 253会议室
Speaker: Prof. Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li

Department of Physics, University of Texas Austin, USA

Fundamental excitations (e.g. plasmons, excitons, phonons and magnons) determine both the equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of solids such as metals, semiconductors, and magnetic materials. In this talk, I will give a few examples of our recent work on investigating how such fundamental excitations and particularly coupling between different types of excitations can be probed and controlled. In the first example, I will discuss how magnon and phonon non-equilibrium in a magnetic insulator driven by a temperature gradient leads to spin current. In the second example, I will discuss how coupling between excitons and surface plasmon polaritons can be used to sort and route valley polarized excitons in monolayer semiconductors.

Xiaoqin Li received her B.S. in physics from Beijing Normal University in 1997 and her PhD in 2003 from University of Michigan. She was a postdoc fellow at JILA, Colorado from 2003-2006. She started as an assistant professor at UT-Austin in 2007. Prof. Li has received a number of awards including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in the U. S. and a Sloan Fellowship. She held a Humboldt Fellowship in 2015-2016 while she visited the Technical University of Berlin. She was elected a fellow of the American Physics Society in 2015.