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Detection of single electron and nuclear spins using scanning tunneling microscopy

Date: 2018-07-18
Time: 10:00
Venue: 物理研究所M楼253会议室
Speaker: Prof. Yishay Manassen

The possibility to detect hyperfine spectrum in ESR-STM experiments opens many possibilities in nano-chemical analysis and in single spin physics. Hyperfine spectra were observed on SiC surfaces (coupling with 29Si nuclei), on Cu atoms on silicon (coupling with 63Cu and 65Cu nuclei) and on Tempo molecules on Au (coupling with 14N nuclei). It is shown that the fingerprints of the levels of the individual nuclei can be observed through rf irradiation of the nuclear levels, monitoring the changes of the intensity of the hyperfine spectra. (STM-ENDOR).
We find that the lineshape of the spectrum can provide motional information as done macroscopically, and show how the affect of  the tunneling current affects the molecular motion, and the linewidth. Additional studies are performed with the purpose to get an ESR-STM spectrum from nonmagnetic molecules and species, and to detect the nuclear Zeeman frequencies of the atoms under the tip.

BSc - Department of chemistry, Hebrew university.
PhD - Department of chemistry Tel Aviv university.
Post - Doc - IBM TJ Watson research center, Yorktown Heights NY.
Academic positions
Dept of chemical physics, Weizmann institute, Rehovot, Israel.
Dept of Physics, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.
Research interest
Single spin magnetic resonance with the STM.
Mechanical properties at the nm scale.
Dual probe STM.
Chemical reaction at the nm scale in metal surfaces.

邀请人:  陆兴华  研究员(电话:82648043)
联系人:  朱学涛  副研究员(电话:82649008)