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Materials and Electrochemical Aspects of Innovations in the Field of Solid State Ionics. General Discussion.

Date: 2018-10-19
Time: 15:30
Venue: M234
Speaker: Prof. Werner J.F. Weppner

Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research,University of Kiel,Germany

报告摘要:The development of solid state ionic devices such as high energy and power density batteries, fuel and electrolysis cells, electrochromic systems, thermoelectric converters, chemical sensors and photogalvanic solar cells requires very specific chemical and physical materials engineering. The fundamental aspects of generating voltages and electrical currents in solid state ionic devices will be summarized and analyzed with regard to the requirements.  Major conflicts and contradictory requirements exist with regard to their electrical, mechanical and chemical interactions. Several approaches will be presented to overcome these problems. Thermodynamic, structural and electronic properties have to be taken into consideration.


Werner J.F. Weppner has a long-standing experience in solid state electrochemistry since his doctorate at Dortmund University with Hans Rickert, a former close coworker of Carl Wagner of G?ttingen. After a postdoctoral period at Stanford University, he joined the Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research at Stuttgart and became a Professor and Chairholder for Sensors and Solid State Ionics at the University of Kiel in 1993. His work covers a wide range of aspects of fast ion transport in solids from fundamental understanding, experimental techniques, materials characterization, development of new materials and principles for practical applications in batteries, fuel cells, sensors, electrochromic devices and photogalvanic solar cells. He is also involved in a large variety of professional activities and among others Editor-in-Chief of the journal IONICS.