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In situ neutron techniques for batteries and materials research—a personal review and progress report

Date: 2018-10-23
Time: 14:00
Venue: M253
Speaker: Prof. Howard Wang

University of Maryland at College Park   


专家简介: Dr. Wang obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the Peking University in 1992 and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999. After postdoc research at NIST, he was an Assistant Professor at Michigan Technological Univ. an Associate Professor at SUNY Binghamton, and a Research Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Maryland at College Park. He has had extensive research experience in neutron techniques applied to studying soft matter, nanotechnology, electronics and batteries, and authored or co-authored over 100 technical publications and 8 patents.  Wang is a member of Bohmische Physical Society, a recipient of the NSF Career Award, and a NIST-ARRA Senior Research Fellow. 

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