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Magnetic properties of a new ladder family Sr2TM3Ch2O3 (TM=Fe, Co; Ch=S, Se) and Anisotropy of superconductivity of WTe2 at 98 kbar

Date: 2018-11-15
Time: 16:00
Venue: 物理所M631会议室
Speaker: Dr. Kwing To (Toby) Lai

Biography: Dr. Kwing To (Toby) Lai:

He earned his BSc (Hons) and Master of Philosophy degrees in Physics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009 and 2011, respectively. He then continued his PhD study in Osaka University, Japan and obtained his PhD degree in 2014. Soon after he finished his postgraduate study, he moved to Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany in 2015 and worked as a postdoctoral researcher. In late 2016, he moved back to Hong Kong to join Prof. Swee Kuan Goh’s group in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, working as a postdoctoral researcher. His research interests cover from synthesis and characterization of high-Tc and novel superconductors, exotic magnetic materials, topological materials to Li-ion battery materials.