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Emergent Phenomena of Domains and Domain Walls in Ferroelectrics: from ferroelectric synapse to tunable low-loss microwave devices

Date: 2019-08-14
Time: 10:00
Venue: M236
Speaker: 刘仕 特聘研究员



      Ferroelectrics, a major class of high-coupling materials characterized by the switchable polarization, have become important in modern devices ranging from medical ultrasound, non-volatile memory to vibration-powered electronics. The device functionalities heavily rely on the interactions between the electric polarization and applied stimuli (e.g., electric fields). Understanding the dynamics of ferroelectric domains and domain walls in response to external perturbations is important for the development of ferroelectric-based functional devices. In this talk, I will firstly introduce a classical force field we developed based on the bond valence theory which enabled large-scale molecular dynamics simulations of typical ferroelectric materials at the million-atom scale. I will then explain a theory-experiment collaboration wherein we demonstrated deterministic and repeatedly obtainable multistate polarizations in ferroelectric thin films, highlighting the potential of ferroelectrics for adaptive neuromorphic electronics. Finally, I will explain how the resonance of domain walls can be exploited to obtain tunable dielectrics with ultralow loss and high tunability.


     刘仕2009年本科毕业于中国科学技术大学化学物理系,2015年博士毕业于美国宾夕法尼亚大学化学系。先后师从铁电领域著名理论物理学家Andrew M. Rappe和Ronald E. Cohen。博士毕业后获得卡内基博士后奖学金,于2015年9月-2018年1月任职于华盛顿卡内基科学研究所。2018年2月获得美国陆军研究所优秀博士后奖学金,在美国陆军研究所继续开展博士后研究工作。主要从事凝聚态功能材料、能源材料、多尺度/跨尺度计算物理方法开发等方面的研究。 2017年获的美国物理学会计算物理领域Nicholas Metropolis Award。2019年6月全职加入西湖大学。自2013年起,在一流学术杂志发表论文共39篇,包括3篇Nature,2篇Phys. Rev. Lett.,1篇 Nature Mater.,2篇Nature Communications等。其中一作Nature 一篇,PRL一篇,Nano Letters一篇。

邀请人:郭尔佳 副研究员(Tel:82649350)

联系人:陆  凌 研究员