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Controlled access to the low-energy physics of critical Fermi surfaces

Date: 2020-07-23
Time: 16:00
Venue: M253 meeting room
Speaker: Ipsita Mandal

University of Stavanger, Norway


Condensed matter physics is the study of the complex behaviour of a large number of interacting particles such that their collective behaviour gives rise to emergent properties. We will discuss some interesting quantum condensed matter systems where their intriguing emergent phenomena arise due to strong coupling. We will revisit the Landau paradigm of Fermi liquid theory and hence understand the properties of the non-Fermi liquid systems which cannot be described within the Landau framework, due to the destruction of the Landau quasiparticles. In particular, we will focus on critical Fermi surface states, where there is a well-defined Fermi surface, but no quasiparticles, as a result of the strong interactions between the Fermi surface and some massless boson(s). We will outline a framework to extract the low-energy physics of such systems in a controlled approximation, using the tool of dimensional regularization.

Brief CV of Prof. Ipsita mandal : 

Prof. Ipsita mandal is an associate professor at University of Stavanger, mainly interested in quantum condensed matter with a focus on strongly correlated electron systems. Her research topics include unconventional superconductivity, non-Fermi liquids (strange metals), quantum spin liquids, layered heterostructures, Majorana quasiparticles, and hydrodynamics of electron fluids. She has accomplished important publications in topics including non-Fermi liquids, Majorana zero modes, unconventional superconductivity, geometrical mutual information, and semimetals.

Contact: Shujuan Cui (崔书娟)


Tel: 82649894