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Infrared spectroscopy study of the exotic electronic states in complex Ir oxides

Date: 2020-09-15
Time: 16:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Bing Xu

University of Fribourg


The insulator-metal transition in complex transition metal oxides with strongly correlated electrons near half filling of the conduction band is a long-standing research topic. In this talk, we focused on 5d transition metal oxides iridates, in which the combined influence of electron correlation (U) and spin-orbit coupling (SOC) can give rise to various novel quantum states. With infrared spectroscopy, we have studied two types of iridates, Sr2IrO4 and Nd2Ir2O7. In the strong spin-orbit coupled Mott insulator Sr2IrO4, we provided evidence that the insulator-metal transition with Rh doping occurs close to a crossover from the Mott- to the Slater-type. In the correlated topological semimetal Nd2Ir2O7, we observed an unconventional low entropy conducting state.

Brief CV of Dr. Bing Xu: 

Dr. Bing Xu received his PhD in condensed matter physics in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Xianggang Qiu at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now, he worked in Prof. Christian Bernhard’s group at the University of Fribourg as a PostDoc fellow. His current research interests include but are not limited to, high-Tc superconductors, iridates, topological insulators and semimetals, and spin ladder compound.

Contact: Shujuan Cui (崔书娟)


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