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Highly efficient quantum light sources based on quantum dots in photonic nanostructures

Date: 2021-03-24
Time: 15:30
Venue: M253
Speaker: Jin Liu (刘进)

State Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials and Technologies, School of Physics, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China

个人简介:刘进,中山大学物理学院教授、国家“海外高层次青年人才”(2016)、教育部“国家重大人才工程(CJ)” 特聘教授(2020)。 2007年在华南师范大学信息与光电子科技学院取得学士学位,2012年在丹麦科技大学光子工程系获得博士学位,2012年7月-2016年5月分别在丹麦科技大学、华南师范大学、美国国家标准与技术研究所从事科研工作。2016年加入中山大学物理学院工作,组建微纳与量子光学实验室。长期从事微纳光学和集成量子光学的研究工作,目前主持科技部重点研发课题、基金委重点项目、厂东省重点项目、并任广州市集成光子器件与应用重点实验室主任,受邀任Science Bulletin, Applied Physics Letters 和 Optical Material Express等期刊的编委,担任CELO-2018, CLEO-2019和CLEO-2020的 TPC Member, ACP2020 专题主席,任北京大学极端光学暑期学校(2019)授课专家。曾获广东省优秀硕士毕业生,部分研究工作分别被评为“2008年度中国光学重要进展”、“2019年度中国 光学十大进展”和“2019年度中国高等学校十大科技进展”,个人获得微腔光子学术会议评选的“青年科学家”荣誉称号。

Abstract: Solid-state quantum emitters, especially epitaxial quantum dots (QDs) with large optical oscillator strength, are a promising candidate for future on-chip quantum devices. However, the deterministic creation and eventual scalability of single QD devices greatly stiffer from the random nature of the QD positions produced in their self-assembled growth. In this talk, I will present a new high-performance system for nanoscale location of QDs based on photoluminescence imaging [1]. By further utilizing such a system, we've achieved deterministic couplings between single QDs and a variety of photonic nanostructures, which enables the realizations of quantum photonic devices with state-of-the-art performances, including ultra-bright single-photon/entangled pair sources [2.3], hybrid quantum photonic circuits [4], single-photon frequency converters [5] and twisted single-photons [6]. 

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邀  请 人:许秀来 研究员(Tel:82649820)