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Symmetry-protected-topological edge modes in open quantum many-body systems

Date: 2021-05-14
Time: 15:00
Venue: M830
Speaker: 蔡子



Symmetry-protected topological edge modes are one of the most remarkable phenomena in topological physics.  In this talk, we formulate and quantitatively examine the effect of a quantum bath on these topological edge modes. Using the density matrix renormalization group method, we study the ground state of a composite system of spin-1 quantum chain, where the system and the bath degrees of freedom are treated on the same footing. We focus on the dependence of these edge modes on the global/partial symmetries of system-bath coupling and on the features of the quantum bath. It is shown that the time-reversal symmetry(TRS) plays a special role for an open quantum system, where an emergent partial TRS breaking will result in a TRS-protected topological mode diffusing from the system edge into the bath, thus make it useless for quantum computation.


蔡子,上海交通大学特别研究员。 2010年中科院物理所获得博士学位。先后在美国加州大学圣迭戈分校,德国慕尼黑大学,奥地利科学院量子光学与量子信息研究所从事博士后研究。主要研究方向为量子多体物理中的理论和数值计算。研究领域包括凝聚态物理,冷原子系统,以及量子开放系统中涌现的的强关联物理。

联系人:王磊 82649853