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Universal conductance scaling of Andreev reflections using a dissipative probe: Majorana vs Andreev

Date: 2022-03-18
Time: 15:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: 刘东教授


腾讯会议:810 813 646



In the first half of the talk, I will discuss the dissipative quantum tunneling into an Andreev bound state and a Majorana state. We obtain the special scaling behaviors of the tunneling conductance with the temperature or the voltage. We show that the tunneling conductance to a normal Andreev bound state (ABS) will be suppressed when decreasing the temperature, which shows a sharp contrast with that to a Majorana bound state. Various specific cases have been studied, including the cases that two charges involved in an Andreev reflection process maintain/lose coherence before dissipated, and also the cases with multiple ABSs along with and without a Majorana mode.  We also give the characteristics of conductance peaks in each case, which will help experimenters identify the state observed, especially distinguishbetween the Majorana and the normal ABS. We will also discuss the experimental progresses on hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire using this dissipative probe.

    In the second half of my talk, I will discuss some recently method for testing Majorana modes from Microsoft quantum. Even the key experimental data is not available, they just claimed a big breakthrough which is not clear to public yet.

邀请人:向涛 研究员