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Tunable superconducting coupling of quantum dots via Andreev bound states: theory and experiment

Date: 2022-06-14
Time: 16:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Chun-Xiao Liu (刘纯骁)

<p>Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands</p>

<p>腾讯会议 417-839-609 会议密码:0614</p>

<p><strong>Abstract:</strong>&nbsp;<br />
Semiconductor quantum dots have proven to be a useful platform for quantum simulation in the solid state. However, implementing a superconducting coupling between quantum dots mediated by a Cooper pair has so far suffered from limited tunability and strong suppression. This has limited applications such as Cooper pair splitting and the quantum dot simulation of topological Kitaev chains. In this talk, I will introduce our proposal of mediating tunable effective couplings via Andreev bound states in a semiconductor-superconductor nanowire connecting two quantum dots. In this way it is possible to individually control both the coupling mediated by Cooper pairs and by single electrons by changing the properties of the Andreev bound states with easily accessible experimental parameters. In addition, the problem of coupling suppression is greatly mitigated. I will also talk about the most recent experimental progress following this proposal.</p>

<p><strong>References:</strong><br />
1. arXiv:2203.00107(theory) C.-X. Liu, G. Wang, T. Dvir, and M. Wimmer (2022)<br />
2. arXiv:2205.03458(experiment) G. Wang, T. Dvir, G.P. Mazur, C.-X. Liu, et. al. (2022)</p>