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Ultra-high kinetic inductance superconducting materials from spinodal decomposition

Date: 2022-08-25
Time: 10:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: 高然




Disordered superconducting nitrides with kinetic inductance have long been considered to be leading material candidates for high-inductance quantum-circuit applications (i.e., fluxonium qubits, photon detectors, etc.). Despite continuing efforts toward reducing material dimensions or altering material chemistries to increase the kinetic inductance and the corresponding circuit impedance, achieving further improvements without compromising material quality has become a fundamental challenge. In this talk, I will discuss a method developed at Alibaba Quantum Laboratory to drastically increase the kinetic inductance of superconducting materials while maintaining a reasonably low microwave loss. We use epitaxial Ti0.48Al0.52N films as a model system and utilize spinodal decomposition to trigger the insulator-to-superconductor transition in such materials with a drastically enhanced chemical and structural disorder. The measured kinetic inductance increases by two to three orders of magnitude compared with the best disordered superconducting nitrides reported to date. We believe this work has demonstrated the feasibility of substantially enhancing and deterministically controlling the kinetic inductance of nitride-based superconductors for advanced superconducting quantum circuits. In the end, I will also discuss the implementation of such materials in the construction of fluxonium qubits.


邀请人:刘 淼 副研究员(9407)

联系人:张 萃 副研究员(8609)