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Engineering the interactions between photon and phonon in the solid-state system

Date: 2023-01-16
Time: 10:00
Venue: Tencent Meeting
Speaker: Ruoming Peng

University of Stuttgart , Germany




The phonon coupling in the solid is a fundamental and universal interaction among all the material systems. The phonon wave can be excited by piezoelectric coupling, Raman scattering, or optomechanical interaction which are usually strongly confined and can easily interact with varied physical systems. I will introduce approaches to engineering the interactions between phonon and photon in the solid-state system, especially the bilayer WSe2: the surface phonon/acoustic wave can interact with the interlayer exciton. As the result, phonon waves can transport these charge-neutral particles with a long propagation distance of up to 20 microns. Meanwhile, a strong single exciton-phonon interaction has been demonstrated in the strained quantum dot of bilayer WSe2 that the localized exciton can couple to the breathing mode of lattice phonon with the coupling strength controlled by the electric field. Also, I will extend the phonon engineering to the materials system beyond 2D: as an example, the spins in the diamond can form the remote interactions facilitated by the cavity phonon inside the optomechanical crystal. In this talk, I will emphasize the strength of phonon engineering which can effectively control the physical properties of solid-state systems.

Dr. Ruoming Peng obtained his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington. He worked with Prof. Mo Li and studied the exciton behaviors in 2D nanophotonic devices. After graduation, Ruoming spent a short period of time as the Kananoff-Rice postdoc fellow at the University of Chicago and then moved to the 3rd Institute of Physics at the University of Stuttgart under the supervision of Prof. J?rg Wrachtrup. Ruoming has developed strong interests in 2D nanophotonics and quantum communication. He is now working on the scanning NV probe technique for 2D devices and also developing integrated quantum photonic devices based on diamond and SiC.

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